Wine Protocol


Wine Protocol's Mint page will allow you to mint every collection of our utility's NFTs, each one of them will have a special utility that will be revealed before each drop.

Minting Process:

Connect your wallet with Metamask or WalletConnect (BSC Network, if you don't know how to do it --> Guide)
Connect your wallet
Click on "MINT NOW" and you will have to confirm the transaction with your wallet.
If something went wrong during this process, the following error POP-UP will be shown.
If everything went well, the following success POP-UP will be shown and you can easily see your transaction on the BSC explorer.
For each release the link will be updated and you will be redirected to the NFTs collection's explanatory page.
Why buy this NFT?


We're officially partner with REFINABLE one of the biggest BSC NFTs store, by clicking on marketplace you will be redirected to our official store inside the Refinable Marketplace.


Under the MINT section the NFTs collection will be shown.
NFTs Collection

Other Details:

  • You can Mint as much NFTs as you want, but you can use only 1 for each wallet.
  • The NFT reveal is done instantly at minting, you don't have to wait the collection to be Sold-out.