Wine Protocol


Here you can find the explanation of our V1 Platform. At the moment the platform is used to stake $WINE tokens and constantly increase your quantity passively.

​Platform structure:

  • Connect your wallet with Metamask or WalletConnect to start staking $WINE tokens. (BSC Network, if you don't know how to do it --> Guide).
  • Redirect to the various main website sections.​

Main Core:

  • Stake $WINE tokens.
  • Choose lock length.
  • Connect your NFTs to boost your APY.
  • See the Total Value Locked.
  • See the number of Participants.
Staking Platform

Staking leaderboard:

Here the major stakers of $WINE will be shown. Occasionally some of the stakers will be selected to receive exclusive prizes.
More $WINE stake = more chances of getting sorted.


There is a guide displayed on the staking platform too. This is done to ensure the best possibile experience for each staker.